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The author of this blog is a single woman in love with a married man.   During the affair, which lasted nearly four years,  she fell in love with her lover and divorced her husband.  If the affair were a traditional romantic relationship between single people, it would be labeled “very serious.”

In the months prior to the beginning of this blog, the author and her lover had been spending more time together than ever before and were reveling in the bliss of their illicit love.  Then he dumped her.  For the wife.  It’s that simple.

Not really.

Shortly after the lovers spent a weekend of cocooning and quality time, the lover’s wife confronted him with evidence of the affair.  He deleted his lover from his life within 48 hours.  Ridden with guilt and reeling from a nasty confrontation, he decided to re-commit to his marriage.  To make it right.

The author was supportive of his decision and trying to accept it and move on, when the lover rekindled the affair.  This continued for several months until it spiraled out of control again.

The author is now skeptical of the Lost Lover’s motivations and intentions regarding his marriage and his relationship with her.  But she wants to make it right.  She wants to honor the love that they shared the only way she can — by telling the story.  Also, she hopes to make a small step toward atoning for the pain she caused both her husband the The Wife because others can learn from her journey.

The jilted lover began her recovery with plentiful blogging coupled with generous amounts of bourbon and Xanax.  She has suffered emotional setbacks as well as healing and joy from sporadic bouts of reconciliation with the Lost Lover. This is the  story of her own recovery, as well as a tribute to the greatest love she’s ever known.

It’s written as letters to the former lover because they are things she would say to him and talk to him if she could.  She misses his voice, his kiss, the way he looks at her, his amazing touch.  She misses their conversations and the fabulous lovemaking.

She misses him every minute of every day.  Her heart is his, always.

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