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On the road to Dysfunction Junction

I hate holidays.

There, I said it.   I’m very social, I entertain, I cook.  I do it to avoid being with my family.

Ever since my dad died when I was in my early 20s, holidays with my family have sucked.  It was my dad who somehow made it all bearable.  I say he protected us from our mom, but my sister says not; he put up with her just like we did.

My mom is obsessive-compulsive and critical.  She complains about something constantly.  Nothing you ever do is right.  You might buy her a gift she likes but there still will be something wrong with it.  She’s temperamental.  ADHD. She doesn’t listen.  She constructs her own reality.

It’s going to snow.  Maybe I shouldn’t come.  Maybe she’s right.

My Ex was a buffer.  Even last year when we were separated he showed up.  Actually, we carpooled.  He could always handle her.  Maybe I even miss him a bit.  I remember the time he told her to stop picking on me.  She would listen to him.

You left on a plane early this morning with The Wife and YD, maybe YS, too — I didn’t really ask.  It’s GD’s birthday.  I’m sure the party is over by now. I can’t wait to see the photos.  I will never meet your family — your parents, your children and grandchildren.

I’ve always been attracted to men with strong ties to their families.  A shrink would say because I never had any.

My heart is breaking and I’m having a hard time being thankful right now.

My heart is with you.  Always.