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Throwback Thursday: What’s up?*

*This note was written before The Breakup

You have been exceptionally loving lately.  Perhaps even more so than pre-meltdown.  I’ve been hearing from you a lot and it’s very loving.

You went out of town for business earlier this week.  You called me from the airport at the gate.  You texted me from the layover.  You texted me that night from your hotel.  The next day as you headed to the airport, again from the layover.

Early the day after your return you texted me that you were having a health issue.  You got in to see a doctor, got your prescription filled and then came to see me.  We made love twice in a short amount of time, cuddled.  Talked.  You were sweet, tender and loving.   You were very affectionate.  It was beautiful.

You told me repeatedly that you love me.  And you said something odd, “You’re not just a piece of ass to me.”  I laughed and told you that you aren’t  just a boy toy.  Maybe I shouldn’t have laughed.  You were being serious.

We hadn’t seen each other in over a week.

You left an hour before The Wife would be getting off work.  But traffic was bad — a tropical storm was blowing through.  You barely beat her home.  The usual 30-minute drive took 90 minutes.  You texted me and kept me posted on your progress.  You were frustrated and basically said that coming to my house is too big a risk.

First thing this morning, an “I love you” text arrived.

Has something happened?  Is there something going on that is making you be more expressive?

I have a theory.  The business trip was to the same facility as your last duty station before you retired from the military.  If your company gets a contract there, you will have to go there to manage it.  It’s near where you lived when you met The Wife.  She has family near there.

It makes sense for a guy with a wife who is becoming more and more disabled to try to get a job that would place her near her family.  If she can’t work anymore, it won’t matter.

This is all pure conjecture on my part.  We’ve not discussed it at all.  Except that you were going there to get new business.  Obviously, you have connections there.

Plus you told me the Youngest Son is moving far away soon.  What’s that about?  You said he got a job in another state.

These are all things that make me go Hmmm.

My heart is with you.  Always.